Saturday, January 9, 2010

shopping center module

well, the industrial module with the crossing sidings is taking far too long. the buildings are going together extremely slowly. so, i have set it aside in favor of completing other modules (started and planned) in time for the april show. before setting it aside for now, however, i did test run a loco on it. sweet.

the four new corners are in pretty good shape, mainly needing a bit warmer weather so I can work in the shop. their progress is well along, and should finish without too much hassle.

in the meantime, there are some straight modules on which I can do a lot of the preliminary work. here's some pictures of the first of these, the shopping center. at the least, it has revealed to me what it wants to become. most of the structures came assembled. a couple needed a few details added, and the two center next to the track are very simple tomytec kits.

tomytec kits are partially painted and partially assembled.out of the box. very quick to assemble, just a bit of glue and plop them down.

the next step is to lay out the streets as indicated in the last picture. I've been just painting over the primer with a light gray for concrete. after that, some blacktop for parking around the blue shopping center (four businesses in there.) a few details (mail boxes, sidewalks where needed, dumpsters, etc.) and some weedy spots and a couple trees or so, and it'll be show ready. piece of cake, this one.

the colors turned out a bit funny in these pics. the three buildings along the back are really about the same color as the square part of the office building with the round 'glass' tower. go figure why some color shifted, and some didn't.

so, that's progress for now.