Monday, May 23, 2011

Editing the LSR

Next month, the local railroad club here in the Lubbock area is hosting a convention
for the LSR Region of the NMRA. Since, due to a combination of circumstances, we
(the TTrak-N modelers) are not able to have a display layout there. The room space
is available, the bodies to set up and run are not. Most are tied up with convention
tasks, while I will be out of town. Oh, well.

So, some of the group thought that we could substitute a slideshow video display of
our recent shows. It seems that a freeware program, IrfanView, has the capability to
use both .jpg and .avi files in a screensaver function. From a hint given to me, this is
proving to be a most useful program. The trick is to save it as an .exe file, not as a
.scr file.

So much for the boring bits. I'm collecting and editing the video files and jpg's. In
the end it will be a large file. So, unfortunately, I'm not sure that the result can be
shared. Oh, well, my masterpiece (ha!) may forever be mine.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Digital fever

It took a bit of study, but the new DCC system is beginning to m ake sense - and that's scary!
But, with about four hours effort over two days, I now have five DCC locos ready for showtime. The addresses are set, all came with knuckle couplers, and four railroad lines are represented.
So, small steps, but forward, none the less. It's been a good weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Catching up

It's been a busy 2011 so far. I've participated in three (only?) train shows and helped
with the preparations for the NMRA's Lone Star Region Convention to be held in
Lubbock in June.
Not to mention a fairly busy chedule subbing in middle and high school classes, and
slipping in a short get-away to Albuquerque with Cindy.
I'm thinking that it should slow down sometime, but I don't know. My model railroad
group is getting very active, and it looks like it will speed up over the summer. We have
a show in Wolfforth (a Lubbock suburb) in mid-August, and an invite to join several
other groups in Austin in October. So many modules to finish (and start some, too!)
before then.
Anyway, winter's gone, summer's coming, and I'd best stay busy before it runs over me.
Ah, such is life in the fast lane of retirement.