Monday, May 23, 2011

Editing the LSR

Next month, the local railroad club here in the Lubbock area is hosting a convention
for the LSR Region of the NMRA. Since, due to a combination of circumstances, we
(the TTrak-N modelers) are not able to have a display layout there. The room space
is available, the bodies to set up and run are not. Most are tied up with convention
tasks, while I will be out of town. Oh, well.

So, some of the group thought that we could substitute a slideshow video display of
our recent shows. It seems that a freeware program, IrfanView, has the capability to
use both .jpg and .avi files in a screensaver function. From a hint given to me, this is
proving to be a most useful program. The trick is to save it as an .exe file, not as a
.scr file.

So much for the boring bits. I'm collecting and editing the video files and jpg's. In
the end it will be a large file. So, unfortunately, I'm not sure that the result can be
shared. Oh, well, my masterpiece (ha!) may forever be mine.

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