Thursday, June 2, 2011

These are "Wide Corners," using R414/381mm superelevated curves.

Apartment Corner - pictures 1-6

The track has power feeds, and is glued/nailed down, awaiting some ballast.
The two-lane roadway inside it needs striping.
As for the stairway to nowhere, see #5 & 6.
I still need to add details indluding figures, shrubs and trees.
Note each apartment block is trimmed in a different color.
Block numbers will be added.
The sidewalks are glued down, but the apartments will wait until I add figures.

In #5, the intent is to add a jogging/bikeing trail along the outside ridge.
And #6, well, I need to raise the walkway a bit. And, yes, it will get railings.

Hotel Janet - pictures 7-8

#7 and #8 are glimpses of the wide corner named for my sister-in-law. It is in
the Payne box while I let various parts thoroughly dry. It just barely fits, but
the box is due to be rebuilt a bit larger. In the meantime, the hotel lifts off.
There are trees, shrubs, flowers and figures and other details still to add.

In #8, the track is taped in prep of a glue "seal" coat being applied.
The blue shrubs look more dark green in 'real life' than the blue seen here.

Not shown is the first wide corner, "MGBI Headquarters." That stands for
Mega Greed Banking and Insurance. It needs some figures (they all do!) and the
addition of power feeds to the track. Otherwise, it is about finished.

Speaking of power feeds, these are the first modules in which I am soldering all
internal joints. All modules Old and new) will eventually be so soldered. In
addition, most of my modules, new and old, will get power feeds to a terminal
block. That way, depending on the setup configuration, power connections can
be easily added where needed.

There is a fourth wide corner, as well as two wide junction modules. So far,
various ideas have been considered, but nothing firm has taken shape for them.
When these three are "finished" I will have to get something going on them.