Sunday, February 8, 2009

Summary for now

Well, January's gone, and the Plano show with it. I had a great time, taking a
module for TxOutlaws On30 and an N scale module for North Texas TTrak
group as well.

I'm not getting much done in the shop right now. Last week I was in a middle
school. The 6th, 7th and 8th graders wore me out every day. This week, I'll
be in the high school on three different days. It should be a bit easier.

I have 'inherited' a pair of TTrak-HO modules. A couple of older gents built
the basic units but have no interest in scenery, so here I go again ...

Cleaning the shop is also a priority. Once again, I've got several projects running
in parallel. Some are On30, some are HO, and some are N. By now, I had hoped
to be a 'single-scaler," but it's just not going to happen. Oh, well.

Slowly warming weather sure helps. I can get an hour or two of time on some
afternoons that I can't during the cold days. Of course, I'm sure that winter isn't
over by a long shot, but I'll take any good weather I can get.

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  1. Joe, thanks for starting this blog. I've been planning to join since the first day you invited me. But I've been too busy spending $$$ on my trains trying to keep up with my "Buddy" in Lubbock, TX. I wonder if you know him. :0