Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just a quick update from the 'far west'. The show last weekend was a good one.
The first two pictures shows my loop of modules.

The ones with black fascia are fresh rebuilds on old carcasses. These were left from my N-scale meltdown last spring.

In the background is the 12' yard that interconnected my modules with the new set of
modules built over the winter by Allen. He's watched my modules for a couple of years,
and decided to join the fun.

He matched my set of modules with four corners, four single-length and four double-length straights, and a junction.

All our modules use the "Alternate" (33mm) track spacing.

The yard connecting the two loops gave us an outside loop of just over 2 scale miles. It was really nice to see the 12-car Super Chief straighten out and stay straight coming across there.

My previous post has the links to my Youtube videos. Some are HO scale, and some are N scale.

Here's a few HO pictures as well. The first is Darrell Puckett's WW II RAF field.

Next is Cal Korab's tank farm.

Andy Anderson's new loco makes a pass through the sand hills module.

Finally, the ever-popular hobo car.

Today, I cut out the tops and sides for some new modules. There will be four corners,
up to four straights, and a pair of junctions. These are for my super-elevated track
set. So, the corners and the junctions are a bit larger than those seen here. I want
it to be a stand alone layout, and still be compatible with the older modules, too.
I have the overall scenery planned, and have been collecting supplies. The theme? A
dense cityscape all the way around. We'll see just what develops. My target date is
the local club's fall show, usually held in October.

I'm "retired" and work subbing in local schools. Yesterday, I was tabbed to do a "long
term" sub job for the rest of the school year. Very likely, I'll start the fall semester, too. The teacher for whom I'm filling in is having twins, and is due late August. The doctor told her to stay home, so ... I won't be able to make any more progress on anything until June.

The field is math, my certification field. I don't have to work, but I like to teach,
like the kids (usually) and the money buys more RR goodies. Like the Dr. Yellow bullet
train that came the day after tear-down at the show. Oh, well, it'll just have to wait
for its turn to run.

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