Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's time to go "shopping"

School's Out!!!!

The three week subbing job is done. I enjoyed it, but I am ready to enjoy some time not working. Then, last Friday after the end of school, we went out of town for the graduation of a niece - last of that generation to finish high school.

The plan for the summer is to work in the backyard shop on railroad stuff - going "shopping" as the wife calls it. Of course, there will always be "things" to interrupt, but hopefully not many.

I have the four large corners framed built and about ready to prime and paint. There are the brad holes to putty, etc. I should be able to have the priming done by Tuesday. In the meantime, I've started on the Payne Boxes for storage and transport of the new modules. Since there are a number of new modules in this project, I'm building these as I build the module bases. That way, there'll be a place to store them as scenery begins to progress on them.

I'm not sure how many straight modules will be built. I know there will be at least four double length straights and two junctions to go with the four corners. With this mix of modules, I'll be able to set up as a stand alone, one end of a larger layout, or be in the middle of the (probably) largest form of layout. So, that's at least 10 modules in this set.

With the 15, no, make that 16 modules I already have, and the 13 (so far) that Allen has built, we can set up in any size or shape we want. He has four corners, four 1x and four 2x straights and a junction. I have the same, plus the two 6x straights and an inside corner. Nearly forgot that one, I did. All are using the TTrak Alt (33mm) track spacing.

I have a Ford F-150 with a standard bed and the 'super' cab, with a solid tonneau cover on the bed. With a bit of careful loading, I think I'll be able to carry all this in the truck, enclosed from the wind and adverse weather.

And, one of the new 2x modules will be getting a lower lever with an Easy Trolley loop. See the previous blog entry. It will do more than just run in circles. Initial tests are a success, but I still have more work to do there, too.

Plenty of summer projects, I have. Good, this is.

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