Saturday, June 6, 2009

Module progress

I've completed the framing of the first six modules in the new series. There are four corners and two junctions here, before and after the coat of primer.

Several straights are in the works, partially cut out but not quite ready for assembly. In the process, I am building four modules of various sizes for others, too. Too many things at once. I've got to learn how to say "No" without angering others.

The first picture is before the primer is applied, and the second is while they are drying. It was a warm and partly overcast afternoon, good
for the primer coat.

The second shows the same modules after the fact.

At the last show, Allen H. showed his first set of modules, and a very good set they are. However, he also made a change to the Payne boxes we use to store and transport the modules. He added solid sides and top to the boxes to provide protection from dust and who knows what.
My first three of the enclosed boxes are not finished, but they are much stronger than the old ones. I'll have to rebuild all of them with solid sides, tops and bottoms. I'm not sure about the front covering just yet, but something will be figured out. I used 1/4" plywood, something relatively inexpensive.

The boxes are a bit heavier, but still easy to carry. I have a bad back, so I have to be careful about lifting too much.

Ah, the new modules, all tucked in their beds, whilst visions of scenery dance through my head.

Sorry about that, I couldn't resist.

The corners are squares with a point removed, so they will go in the boxes turned in any direction.

Finally, a view of almost all my TTrak-N modules to date. That's an inside corner against the wall. The far stack has four double length (2x) modules, with a junction sitting on top of it all.

The next stack has four corners in the bottom box, with four single length (1x) straights in the box above. The brass plates on two of these
are for (yet to be built) internal throttles. The flash reflection off them is the source of the streaks on the inside corner.

On top of it all is a piece of foam, holding, at the near end, the test loop for an Easy Trolley circuit I am adding to one of the new 2x straights. The controller for the trolley loop is a Minatronics RU2-1 unit. I am not happy with it.

It has a defective sensing input, and they have no repair service available. I don't know yet,
but I may have to trash it and figure something else out.

Two modules are not shown. They are a pair of 6x straights that can be used as a long yard with three through sidings or as two stub yards. The scenery there is still to be done, but it is progressing.

Well, that's about it for now. Got to go get ready for the mother-in-law's 80th birthday fling tomorrow.

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