Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First test run on the new corner modules

Today, I tacked the track to the four new corners and gave it a test run.

The first run on the canted track corners
had just bare loco units, no cars. Each
corner transitions from flat to canted in
22.5 degrees, then 45 degrees canted, and
back to flat in 22.5 degrees, for a total of
90 degrees.

The inner radius of the Kato track is
381mm (15") radius, while the outer is
414mm (16 3/8") radius. The short
straight sections between the halves are
62mm, and one is the track power feeder.

These first runs were made with a couple of old Atlas RS-3 chassis units.

After a bit of this, I added three cars
to each train. The next couple of pictures
show the canting of the track rather well.

Finally, just for fun, mainly, I set a Kato
commuter station over the tracks and
ran the trains through it.

So, not a lot of words, just a few pics and
videos. It was a fun thing to do while it
was raining.

The commuter station is one piece of the
city scene I want to build on all these new

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