Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's the end of August and since it's been a while, an updateis overdue. I've been
working on several modules at once, all for the large radius curve, double track. In
addition, there was a 'just for fun' bash. More about that later.

But first, the modules. The lesser of these is the hospital straight. While there are no
pics at this time, the hospital itself is shaping up. The outer paint job is about finished.
Since it is a rather flexible building, I am adding floors to it for stiffness. Taking
advantage of that, the floors are painted black except for sections that will be rooms
behind the windows. These areas are white. I plan to have figures in the windows of
the rooms. It is progressing pretty well, I think. Pictures in a few days.

The greater module is the high rise corner, the 'upscale' end of the city. It features
three tall buildings around a central plaza. I still have quie a bit of details to add, but
with today's arrival of the palm trees, it is coming together quite like I have envisioned

The small pieces (cars, plaza items) as well as the buildings are not glued down yet.
The cars, yes, they will be permanent. The buildings never will be, for transport and
storage ease and safety. I'm considering not gluing the plaza items as well, so that they
can be rearranged whenever the mood strikes. BTW, the pergola will get benches.
And, obviously, people everywhere.

I want to add scenes to the two shorter building roofs. On one I want a swimming
pool, and a small tennis court (singles size) on the other. Time, all I need is time and
cooler weather.

Among the details still to go will be flowers, a shrubery hedge along the grass above
the tracks (for safety,) yada-yada-yada. The white around the tree bases is still-wet
glue. It should disappear as it dries. The small, empty parking between the buildings
will get bicycles and racks. As soon as I build the racks, that is.

The fun project is a high railer tow truck. I couldn't help myself, I wanted to use Tow
Mater from the movie "Cars." He works out quite well for On30.

He will get a tow bar with a coupler on the back. With it, he can be pushed by a loco
and look like he's towing it in for repair. It should make for a fun scene on the club
layout, eh?

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