Saturday, September 12, 2009

In process projects . . .

Several years ago, I accumulated a box of 8 1/2" x 11" cardboard sheets. I use them, with masking tape, to hold small items for painting. Sometimes, large items, too.

Lately, I've been able to make myself be a bit slower about cutting parts off the molding sprues. By seeing that there are several parts on a sprue that will be the same color, I can mount the sprue vertically and spray both sides, if needed. Much faster.

So, with it being a bit cool and quite a bit humid, I'm not painting, but I am
prepping for a painting binge. I have 21 (yes, 21!) cardboard sheets with parts
from three kits ready to go. These are multiple structures per kit, so there are
a total of 11 structures involved. Or 12, depending on how you want to count.

Two of them will be bashed into a single item, so I count it as 11.

For some silly reason, I generally don't like the 'out-of-the-box' color. Even if
molded in gray, and I want gray, I have to paint it just to change it a bit. Call
it what you will, I still do it.

And, quite often lately, strip and repaint. Hopefully, not so much in the future.
That really slows down progress.

I have one of my new N corners nearly showable. A few details should arrive
this week, such as decorative fencing. The rest of these structures are for the
other three corners in the set. There are a few pre-assembled structures. They
look okay to me, so I won't be trying to do anything major to them.

To be presentable for shows, I'll need a pair of straights, too. One in about 3/4
done, I think. Another is still bare, but for track. So far, it hasn't "revealed itself" to me so I can landscape and scenic it. If it doesn't hurry, I may force a sewage treatment plant on it.

There is plenty to do, and finally it seems that things are beginning to flow. I'm
having more fun now than back in the summer.

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