Thursday, October 1, 2009

I did a count of modules around here today. I really hadn't been keeping track.
I counted the ones firmly planned as well, as I have all the structures on hand
and the scenery settled for them.




Two are TxOutlawOn30. Three are TTrak-HO. 30 are TTrak-N. And when
I say "finished" I mean showable, but probably could use a few more details,
such as figures, etc.

One On30 is finished and the other well on its way. When I get back to it,
it will get a coastal treatment. Most parts are on hand, if not all.

Two HO are finished and the other only needs the scenery details (figures,
vehicles, etc.) applied. All parts are on hand. Darrell Puckett did the scenery
on one, but I supplied many of the details, base and track. And, I store it.

16 are from what I refer to as 'Set 1' of the N modules. Most are finished.
Several could use some 'sweetening,' which is what I am concentrating on
these days. These form a complete showable layout from a 2½ foot circle
to a 2½ foot by 14½ foot loop, and can be configured in an "L" shape
as well.

The others form 'Set 2.' 12 of the final 14 are in various stages. All these
module bases built, scenery planned, and structures on hand. The high rise
corner, the 45° beach corner and the hospital are the first of these.

The final two have been the hardest to figure out, but I think I'm there. In
TTrak, the roadbed base is at least 2¾" above the lowest part of the module
box. In that interval, the plan is to install a tram loop to run around some
under track stores. If I don't have all the pieces, all that I will need is a bit
more Tomix N track. I have the structures, trams (neat little buggers!) and
a micro controller for it. However, the module boxes haven't been started
while I figured out exactly what it would take. These will be a pair of three
foot sections forming a six foot module.

I'm tempted to build it as a single six foot piece, but I probably shouldn't.
I already have a pair of six footers is Set 1, the yard.

Hopefully, no more. No more. Right now, I don't even want to supply
anyone else with blank bases. I've done that about eight or ten times so
far. Enough, already.

At least, I have been building storage and transport frames as I built the
bases, so it is easy to stack and store them. Maybe that's why I didn't realize
just how many I have . . .

Oh, man, put me out of my misery.

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