Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Modeling along the YCS RR

I've been forcing myself into a state of increased concentration the last few
days. It hasn't been easy, as my "retiree attention span" seems to be
getting shorter, but ...

As a result, several things have progressed (not finished, just progressed) to
the point I feel comfortable taking these four items to the Plano show on
Jan. 16-17-18.

1. The Porter Cab Forward has been lettered and numbered. It now shows
"YCS" and "16" on the cab sides.

2. The 15' flatcar (with the JD 'Waterloo Boy' load chained on it) now sports
"YCS" and "59" markings. This one that may be considered very close to
being 'finished.'

3. The combine/caboose bash proudly displays "YCS" and "94" on the side
of the baggage area walls. It also is close to being done.

All of the above have been treated with decal set, dried, and sprayed with
Dull-cote. This is a first for me.

4. The resin kit tender for the cab forward is assembled and runnable. The
light for backwards operation shows brightly at the appropriate times. With
couplers. They have been a real problem.

The loco and tender still need grab irons, steps, and numerous miscellaneous
detail parts applied, but they are together.

Also, there are several resin kits that are beginning to move along, now that
the (common) coupler issue seems to have found resolution, thanks to an email
from Mr. TxOutlaw himself, Don Culbertson.

Among these resin kits are a couple of 15' boxcars. I played a hunch a while
back while ordering parts for other things, and got four Grandt Line S-scale
reefer hatches. I think they are a perfect fit, so one will be a reefer. Also,
there is a 15' caboose. I'd say these are approximately 60% done.

Other items not even started are, well, never mind.

I'm looking forward to the show, but I'm looking forward to being back, warmer
weather, and more shop time to continue modeling along the Yellowhouse
Canyon Southern RR.

Who knows, maybe even starting a home (non-modular) layout. Will wonders
never cease?

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