Monday, March 9, 2009

Module progress for upcoming shows

I have been thinking about the setup for upcoming shows. The first (and smaller) show is next week's library show for Spring Break. The other is the Lubbock Arts Festival, May 1-2, 2009.
We (Allen and I) have several options.

Option 1: Set up one simple layout, two loops of track, combining modules from both of us. Let it stretch as far as there is room for tables. This uses only space along a wall, without much depth.
Option 2: We combine modules for a single setup, with the junctions in the middle. Still only using
the wall space we would be set up like this drawing. I think nearly everything we have built to date would fit on a couple tables, except for the four corners removed for the junctions. That would give three loops of track.

Option 3: Option 1, set up as two separate layouts, on two separate tables, yielding four loops. Maybe, we could mix modules between us.

Option 4: Option 2, but hold out two straights. Then, these straights and the extra corners could make a separate little layout,with two loops. Overall, five loops of track.

My junction module still has no scenery, but it will by the Arts Festival, as will my inside corner. That will open up some more possibilities. Well, they will have some kind of ground cover as a minimum, something more than bare paint on plywood.

Now, for the HO stuff. There are four TTrak-HO single modules needing scenery. I have been making progress on scenery on the first two of these modules. Track power connections will be added during this time. I figure they will be ready to show at Arts Festival, too.

The other two will be picked up after the library show. Right now, they are the only track power connections for that layout. So far, I have scenery ideas coming together for three of the four ...

And, Darrell is working on a double module for me. It will be a WW II RAF fighter base.

PS - I'm planning new TTrak-N corners for the larger curves. But, that's a summer project. My target for showing is the Fall season (Oct.?)

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